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The making of the bumpers for ITV1

Milton Bayer were asked to create a series of TV sponsorship bumpers for the new ITV prime-time television program ‘Monte Carlo or Bust’. A strategy was developed to increase all types of recall for the brand, and make the best use of the few seconds available.

The next step was to create a concept that could be produced in the short time frame. Many sketches and client brainstorms later we began creating the mini adventures of ‘Harry Hotel’ as he became known.

Using Cinema4D, After effects, a very talented professional voice (thanks Guy) and a sound studio, we began to bring him to life. Produced, converted to DigiBeta and delivered to ITV in record time with a very happy client!

The result is a snappy series of bumpers which not only encourage you to remember the advert, but remember the brand, as a visual logo, a set of colours associated with it, and a soundbyte.

We are looking forward to developing a campaign with the new character for future TV advertising.

This is how Milton Bayer went about creating the sponsorship bumpers.

The first step was to create the character for the sponsorship bumpers. After a lot of sketchwork, brainstorming and revisions, we finalised our design ready to be built in 3D.

We chose the name ‘Harry Hotel’ for our man!

Along with the character we designed 3 destination scenes for him to travel between. After a lot of thought and sketchwork, the scenes were built in Illustrator.

Within the scenes we were able to add a lot of detail in buildings, objects and animals. This gave us the ability to bring the scenes to life with simple background animations.

Once the scenes were built the next step was to add a bit of style and flair to the backgrounds. Textures and overlays were created and added in Photoshop to give the scenes their unique look.

Next came the task of animating the background scenes in After Effects. A lot of time was spent getting these just right, with additional quirky elements adding to the overall look of the bumpers.
We like the secondary characters in the scenes, the crab, poodle and snowman!

For the voiceover in the sponsorship bumpers we turned to the very talented Guy Harris. Guy’s voice is exceptionally versatile and he managed to produce a really good recording for us to use. Big thanks to you Guy!

Perhaps the most challenging part of the project was to create and animate Harry in 3D. First came the build of the character and all his various outfits and accessories. It was an exciting time to see him come to life!

All the 3D work and animation was created in Cinema4D.

Once Harry was finalised and built in 3D, it was time to animate. The first job was rigging the model with a bones structure. This was quite time consuming but meant that the character could then animate with a more realistic style.

Once the backgrounds, character and sound elements had all been completed, the last step was to composite them into the final videos using After Effects. Extra texturing was also used to help the 3D and 2D background elements fit together.

We are very happy with the final results, and are excited to see the bumpers on ITV!

To view the bumpers visit our YouTube channel

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