Whiteboard animation by Milton Bayer

The Kite® Foundation is a fascinating organisation with a truly brilliant mission. To explain what Kite® is, we created this whiteboard animation. 63 illustrations were designed and timed to draw in sync with the voiceover by Jordan Reynolds. This type of presentation works well because it embeds the dialogue in the brain through the use […]

Negativity sucks.

I don’t know about you but I’m getting increasingly annoyed at the media’s incessant desire to portray a negative spin on the news. Whilst we cannot hide from the fact that the financial world is in a bit of a mess right now, our attitude on how we think about it is highly influenced by […]

What does a Trillion look like?

The Americans are talking of a trillion dollars being injected into their economy. But what does a trillion look like? Lets find out…. We’ll start with a $100 dollar bill. Currently the largest U.S. denomination in general circulation. Most everyone has seen them, slightly fewer have owned them. Guaranteed to make friends wherever they go. […]

Pay by results marketing

Recent coverage in Marketing week. This topic is gathering steam with Marketers right now and it is one we support. More clients are expressing an interest in seeing agencies share the risk of marketing spend in return for some of the generated profits. If you really believe what you do as an agency, you should […]

Blast from the past

Back in the days when news travelled on paper, two unlikely lads got together and formed a new company. Here’s the press cutting from February 1991. Reading it is funny now considering how we have evolved as a company. However, some things don’t change, like the spin you put on marketing to make things sound […]

Best website and best actual award

As Ed and Mari collect the award on behalf of Milton Bayer I was wondering what exactly they were bringing back. It looked like a cheap box of tissues! In actual fact it is one of the nicest looking and feeling awards I have seen. In most cases, awards are curved glass plates or perspex […]

Weird format for an awards night!

The Cream awards were held last night at The Jam House in Birmingham. Pretty good venue, but the format was terrible. I think it was done as a cost saving exercise, although it could have been because of the attendance being so low. Instead of a classic sit down awards with a meal and everyone […]

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