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Rebranding the company for which you work is always a massively exciting, yet a strangely nervy undertaking. After months of hard work however, the fresh new brand for Milton Bayer is here. We love it and hope you do too. Keep reading for a little insight into what, why and how we did what we did.

The rebrand came about due to a couple of reasons: 1, because the old brand was looking tired and dated, and 2, in order to better reflect how Milton Bayer is to be positioned and perceived over the coming years. The process can be split into 5, concise steps. Each as important as the other, and each leading into the next.


2007 was a long time ago. Amy Winehouse was singing about Rehab, Steve Jobs and co were gearing up to release the inaugural iPhone and Manchester United were a great football team – ok, not everything’s changed. 2007 was also the year our old brand was launched. The first step in the process was to evaluate that brand and all it encompassed. Although being long overdue a refresh, it also possessed some important qualities. Fun. Approachable. Knowledgable. Creative. All values from the old brand we were keen to maintain in the new. What works? Why does it? What doesn’t? Why doesn’t it? We really got under the skin of the old brand.

Old and new logos


Before we could start the fun bit, looking at colour, logos and fonts, it was important to outline exactly what we wanted from the new brand. Basically, we wrote a brief. The type of brief we work with everyday for our clients.

From the outset it was clear that the new brand would incorporate a new position and approach for Milton Bayer. The position, which is new in terms of its visibility within our brand, but something we’ve been doing for years, is based on two simple words; What if? This concisely sums up our approach to marketing, an approach that challenges everyday thinking and identifies alternative approaches to marketing activity. Without opposing the status quo, we as humans will never evolve, businesses will never change and improvement will never be achieved. What if you change the way you do business? What if you utilise alternative communication channels? What if you could increase sales conversions by revolutionising the way you prospect for new business? Basically, always ask What if? An excerpt from a poem by Erin Hanson sums it up perfectly:

What if I fall? Oh, my darling, what if you fly?
Excerpt from a poem by Erin Hanson

The brief was set and the rebranding process was now in full swing.


Rebrand stages

This is the exciting bit for me. When we put pen to paper and visualise all the ideas that are flying about in our heads. As an agency, we believe what we say, is the most important thing. How we say it, backs it up. In other words, keep it simple. It was important for this to come across in the style of the new brand, which was done through a clean, non-cluttered typographic style and conversational tone of voice.

After deciding on a route, all the collateral was created to reflect the new brand position. I’m a firm believer in every little thing having a significant impact on the bigger brand picture, no matter how minute it may seem. From reception sign to responsive design. From a three word email to a 300 page proposal. These touch points all have relevance in creating the Milton Bayer brand experience we intended. As you can imagine, this part of the process was a lengthy one!

The resulting brand is one which we hope comes across as unconventional, challenging and experienced with a sense of fun. A couple of key elements will reinforce this; Intertwining a question mark within the R of Bayer highlights the What if? approach whilst also being a signifier of questions and results – ask the right questions, get the right Results. The inverted strapline and rotated ‘A’ of ‘What if?’ is representative of the alternative perspective with which we approach marketing activity.

Logo variants
Logo variants
What if?
What if? ident


With all the collateral in place, we then reviewed each and every piece in isolation and more importantly as a full suite of activity. Tweaks were made – but we’ll gloss over that. The result is a flexible, responsive brand with the What if? essence at the heart of it. It portrays the contemporary, progressive and experienced qualities required from the initial brief, without losing the all-important aspects of creativity and fun, highlighted in stage one.


Making sure colours are correct, typography is right, image guidelines are followed, web transitions are smooth etc. all play a huge role in ensuring brand consistency. Without which, the previous 4 steps would be a waste of time. This step is ongoing and will be throughout the life of the brand.

So there you have it, ‘MB Switched-on creative thinking’ is now ‘Milton Bayer, the home of what if?’ The old logo might have been laid to rest, but don’t worry, we’re still very much switched-on and we still definitely heart MB!!


Dave Warren

Dave Warren

Creative at Milton Bayer, specialising in brand and UI design. I'm a multidisciplinary designer with a keen eye for detail and a passion for every step of the creative process.

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