Things that make you go OOH

It’s no exaggeration to say that today we live in a visually busy, noisy world where a multitude of media channels are hungry for our attention. Wherever you go these days you are constantly bombarded with advertising messages; buy that, look at this, X is better than Y, this new product and that new service. […]

Hotels and Keyframes

The making of the bumpers for ITV1 Milton Bayer were asked to create a series of TV sponsorship bumpers for the new ITV prime-time television program ‘Monte Carlo or Bust’. A strategy was developed to increase all types of recall for the brand, and make the best use of the few seconds available. The […]

Video Games in Advertising

Some interesting adverts that use video games to promote their product. I think the Bluespace advert is the best because even if you have never played Tetris you still get the point of the advert… on the other hand I feel the sudden urge to buy a Pontiac and a Toyota.