Whiteboard animation by Milton Bayer

The Kite® Foundation is a fascinating organisation with a truly brilliant mission. To explain what Kite® is, we created this whiteboard animation. 63 illustrations were designed and timed to draw in sync with the voiceover by Jordan Reynolds. This type of presentation works well because it embeds the dialogue in the brain through the use […]

Beautifully Creepy – Loom

If spiders freak you out, this probably isn’t the video for you. Otherwise sit back and marvel at this beautiful short by German studio Polynoid. ‘Loom’ simply sees “a moth being caught in a spider’s web”. A natural and normal occurrence, seen from a peculiar and dramatic view point. The level of detail in the […]

Hotels4U.com Bumpers Go Live!

Milton Bayer created a series of broadcast sponsorship bumpers for Hotels4U.com, that first aired last night on ITV1 and ITV1HD. The were shown with new primetime comedy show, ‘Monte Carlo or Bust’. The bumpers were fully animated using Cinema4D and After Effects, and an excellent voice over was provided by voice artist Guy Harris. We’re […]