New SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimisation is a constantly changing field. Google, arguably the world’s most popular search engine update their search algorithms as the internet develops, using the latest factors available to ensure search results are ranked as accurately as possible. With the rise of social media networks Google+, Facebook and Twitter, there are now new techniques we can use to help improve search engine rankings.

Top 10 Apps

Top 10 iPhone Apps for Creative People

Last year we posted Top 10 iPhone Apps for Web Designers, this year we’ve put together another Top 10 of awesome apps you need in your life, enjoy… 1. Instagram Price: FREE | Download Just about the best point-&-click app available. Take a pic of anything; a place, an object, yourself perhaps? And share it […]

Are You Ready to GetMo?

The GetMo microsite from Google is a great place to start for anyone looking to build a mobile site or get one for their business. It covers why mobile versions of sites are important, best practices for creating them and has various case studies on the topic. It also offers a GetMoMeter tool for you […]

MB Venture into Drupal CMS

After numerous months of internal testing with different open source content management systems, we’ve finally decided to take the leap and try Drupal for a few medium sized client websites. We were continually postponing the leap until just the right project came along, although we finally decided we liked the new features and administration improvements in Drupal 7 that we’ve now got three Drupal websites in the final stages of build…

So, why use WordPress to power your website?

What is WordPress? It’s a free, open-source application contributed to by a community of professional volunteers and developers. It’s much more than a blog tool, it’s a publishing platform used by thousands of companies and individuals. It’s among a shortlist that we recommend and the reason for this is simple; our clients find it easy […]

Day Camp 4 Developers #3: Project Management

I recently attend the on-line conference “Day Camp 4 Developers #3: Project Management”

The Day Camp 4 Developer conferences are focused on improving the peripheral skills of developers. While we are constantly focused on developing our core coding skills, there are lots of other aspects of the profession that often get neglected, and these are what the Day Camp crew aim to focus on.