Javascript Unit Testing

From simple websites to full scale Web Applications, JavaScript is the go-to scripting language for building interactivity into web sites and applications. As projects become more and more complex, with lines of JavaScript increasing dramatically, testing your code for bugs, glitches & performance is an essential part of development.

Chosen Select Lists Plugin

Enhanced Select Lists and Multi-Selects with Chosen

I recently came across this plugin that really improves the usability of large select lists and multiple select form elements. The plugin is called Chosen and is available to use with JQuery, Prototype and Mootools.

Chosen offers enhanced features to select lists for searching through the options and supports multiple select lists and option grouping…

Take control of HTML5 and CSS3 with Modernizr

HTML5 and CSS3 features are at the cutting edge of the web industry right now, with websites across the globe making use of them to enhance the user’s experience. In a world full of internet browsers with varying levels of support for these features however, how can we be sure what we implement will work across the board? Say hello to Modernizr, an open-source Javascript library that can help you build HTML5 and CSS3-powered websites.

Swingball Pro iPhone App

Making An iOS Specific Application

Where do you start? The App Store currently boasts 500,000 approved apps, there are almost 86,000 developers and almost 40% of iPhone apps are free. It’s already saturated with hundreds of redundant apps struggling for the lime light. Do your research – is there a gap? Who is doing what? Capitalise – have they missed […]

Google Analytics Custom Events and Variables

Google Analytics Custom Events & Variables

Google Analytics has become a standard feature that all clients expect on their websites these days and something they no longer feel they need to request. Checking that GA has been added to a site has been part of our Go-Live procedure for some time now, which I’m sure is standard, or at least for all web developers who’ve had a client request a visitors report or access to the statistics only to realise it wasn’t added to the site. After those awkward conversations with clients or even accounts handlers it’s not an oversight you repeat.

Google Analytics provides great detail out of the box by simply pasting the provided code into your footer but they also offer the ability to…

Responsive Web Design

Over the last two years, the rise of mobile/smartphones and tablet devices offering 3G and WiFi internet browsing has changed the way that we use the internet on a daily basis. New televisions and gaming consoles also offer web browsing, pushing the web away from a previous “desktop only” experience, to one that is with us now at home, the office, or on the move.

With mobile browsing expected to outpace desktop-based access within three years, web designers & developers are now faced with a question – how do we build a website for so many devices with varying screen sizes and browsers?

When a code commit goes viral

I have seen a lot of mundane things go viral in my time, kittens, babies, birds flying into windows… but I never thought I would ever see a bug fix in open source software go viral like this one has. For the uninitiated, this code is attempting to cleanup folders created by the application by […]

The future of web fonts

Over the last few years, the move from using web-safe fonts within website designs to the now global use of custom fonts has risen at a rapid rate. Designers are now provided with a variety of tools to help them use fonts of their own choice in their websites, rather than being limited to the typical Arial, Verdana, etc. With a variety of tools making it easier than ever to add strong typography to your designs, which method should you chose?

Flipboard iPad App

Flipboard – iPad App

Here is an iPad app that keeps all your social media in one very cool app, Twitter, Facebook, images, Tech info anything you want can be introduced in to Flipboard, formatted into a magazine style with page flicking to make ease of use. Enjoy.