Milton Bayer 2010 Calendar

The MB 2010 calendar has just gone off to print and the creative team can put their feet up for a well earned rest – well done chaps (and chapess)! The theme for this year is top ten’s with 12 subjects ranging from albums and singles to snacks and woodland creatures with all the MB […]

Dirty Car Art

For those of you who are tired of washing your car, why not take advantage of the situation and make art out of your dirty windscreens? That’s what the artist Scott Wade did. He evolved from writing things like “wash me”, to intricately detailed drawings. Check out his website

For the LOVE of tea!

With our random tea generator you will no longer have to fight over the tea making duties. Simply enter in all your workates names, select ‘make tea’ and watch in awe as the electronic wizardry randomly slects a mug to make the tea for everyone else. It’s fair, fun and will never wear out.


This is quite possibly one of the most stylish and impressive online flash games I’ve ever seen. It looks great, plays simply and yet those in the industry will appreciate how much skill and programming went into its creation. Its one of those games where there’s no instructions and you need to play around to […]

Sparky plays for the Vikings!

I’ve just stumbled across this old newspaper clipping of my sunday football team, which I cheekily photoshop’d in a Utd legend Mark Hughes. It went to print in the early edition of the Kettering Evening Telegraph but was pulled from the late edition due to a large number of calls to the paper asking where […]

A little art is no bad thing

If you like a little bit of art, check out the work of Slinkachu. The artist creates tiny models and then leaves them in situ in the real world. Any little art that makes you smile is good in my book! and also