Negativity sucks.

I don’t know about you but I’m getting increasingly annoyed at the media’s incessant desire to portray a negative spin on the news. Whilst we cannot hide from the fact that the financial world is in a bit of a mess right now, our attitude on how we think about it is highly influenced by […]

Hoax: Stupid people prefer Internet Explorer

Canada based, psychometric-assessment firm AptiQuant has released a report correlating the scores acheived in their online IQ test with the browser being used to take the test with.

With a sample group of 101,326 users, the report notes that IE users rank significantly lower than other browser users, Camino and IE with Chrome Frame users ranked a little higher on average, and there was no significant differance between other browser users.

Mozilla Unveils BrowserID

Mozilla announced last night a new project aimed to steamling the sign-in process for websites. BrowserID centralises your login details and allows almost one-click sign-in to any websites supporting the service. “For a Web developer, creating a new application always involves an annoying hurdle: how do users sign in? An email address with a […]

Polyply - Front on

The (almost) iEveryting Stand

Made from Acrylate Polyer (That’s posh plastic to you and me) and birch plywood. Currently shown holding an iPad, an old school iPod, iPhone and a stylus or pen. What I love about the PolyPly is it’s simple and elegant design acts as a prop and a storage solution for apple devices, it’s the practicality […]

Infographics: Powering Africa

Statistics can often be difficult to digest and sometimes leave you like you’ve been stuck in a classroom with an educated but immensely boring maths teacher. At this point if there are any pupils reading, stay in school kids! Information Graphics are particularly popular among designers and illustrators as they tend to be quite open […]

DIY – The Vader Project

The term ‘DIY’ has become increasingly detached from it’s intended use in an attempt to encourage you to try something yourself and save a little cash for a raining day. It has now however become increasingly associated with fashionable self-decorative vinyl toys and other highly sort after collectibles.

New Swampsterz Designs

Just before Christmas I received this lovely letter from a young boy called Tom, aged 7. He’s been collecting Swampsterz and has his own ideas for new Swampsterz characters. I’ve included his drawing below and as you can see he’s gone to a lot of trouble and done a great job by including all the […]