Hubble photos added to Google Earth

Taking one more step in their never ending quest to document everything. Google have added photos taken by the Hubble telescope to their Google Earth desktop application. Hopefully this will help encourage the next generation of Astronomers, Explorers and Scientists to continue to reach for the stars!

Make war, not love

March is a funny old month. Part of our Roman calendar, it was originally the first month of the year, and in sunny Mediterranean Rome it heralded the start of spring. This meant (among other things) that it was a very logical time to start the military campaign season for the year, which is why […]

We Scooped Two Cream Awards

I’m very proud to say that the Milton Bayer team won a Silver and Bronze award at last night Cream awards. The entry was for a Flash animation, titled Web Programming Demystified, known internally as Mr PHP. The idea behind the animation was to remove the mystery of how PHP is used to create dynamic […]

Weird format for an awards night!

The Cream awards were held last night at The Jam House in Birmingham. Pretty good venue, but the format was terrible. I think it was done as a cost saving exercise, although it could have been because of the attendance being so low. Instead of a classic sit down awards with a meal and everyone […]

iPhone amazement

When the iPhone came out I wasn’t sure. I’d used large format phones such as the o2 palm based units and found them cumbersome. The iPhone was bigger. Yet now I wouldn’t want anything else. Apple really have changed the face of mobile phones dragging a whole host of other manufacturers onto the ‘app’ bandwagon. […]

Cream Awards – 25th November 2009

So, the Cream Awards are happening this year in Birmingham at the ultra cool Jam House on the 25th November and not surprisingly, Milton Bayer has been nominated. Mr PHP and his fancy hat shop is a short Flash animated story which explains the rather dull aspect of PHP programming in a fun and humorous […]