Get creative with your new budgie!

Budgies eh? Aren’t they just like Budgets? Both at their best when they’re not caged – when they can exercise a little. If you don’t make them work, they’ll be a lazy, sluggish, no good to anyone. They both benefit from the introduction of a cuttlefish now and again… OK, maybe not. But you try […]

Design, is it gender-orientated?

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Make Darwin proud of you

There’s a recession on. No, really, there is. So how come we have been bringing on board new clients (including Avis, Business Link, Mookie Toys and Trafficmaster) and have expanded our team too? Nobody likes too much trumpet blowing, especially when it’s your own, but that’s no mean feat we think you can agree. There […]

The Milton Bayer Blog

We’ve launched the official Milton Bayer blog! What you are looking at now is our informal platform to communicate with potential and existing clients about what we are doing. Why have we done this? Our corporate, client facing site does a great job in advertising our services, accomplishments and client work but we wanted to […]