10 new features we love in Windows 10!

1) Edge is here! First and foremost, the greatest thing about Windows 10 has to be the new default browser – Edge! I think it’s safe to say that the internet rejoiced when it learned that Microsoft was replacing Internet Explorer. Many developers had grown to detest the browser, as prior to the release of […]

4G Mobile

4G or not 4G, that is the question?

How much do you love your mobile internet device? Does it do everything you need it to do and more? Do you need it to do more than what you thought it would be possible to do 5 years ago? Did you think 5 years ago that you would be able to sit using an ultra thin touch screen computer accessing the internet through the mobile network without a laptop and an antenna?

Everchanging Wallnado

We’re all still waiting for the future technology that “Tomorrow’s World” promised us in our youth. Where’s our hover packs and personal robot butlers?? But in the meantime as we wait for Judith Hann to make good on her promises, here’s an innovative bit of design that may fill the gap. Its not quite the […]