10 of our favourite digital illustrators!

Looking for some inspiration? We’ve put together a list of some our favourite digital illustrators for you to check out!

1. Viscera Vicarious

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Viscera’s meticulous illustrations are a fusion of craftsmanship with digital. Viscera explores the world of illustration and real connections with life and human existence, and works in his interests and taste for philosophy field inherited his particular pseudonym. The result of all this is a minimalist graphical drawing and colour and full of emotions and feelings that turn.


2. Mark Verhaagen

sketchel-MV 1033311248801021 mark_verhaagen_space_crystals cap_cover

Netherlands-based illustrator Mark Verhaagen has a beautiful portfolio full of character designs and other colorful illustration. You have probably seen his work before, he has designed covers for popular design magazines such as Computer Arts and Computer Arts Projects.


3. Emily Daly


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Emily Daly is an illustrator and designer based in Bristol. With a lifelong love of creative and imaginative illustration. Emily injects vibrancy, detail and tonnes of character creating illustrations that work seamlessly together.


4. Isabel Arenas

iarenasbjork_1 scarf_1 iarenascontagion_1 iarenasprismcover2

Working on her graphics tablet, Isabel draws directly onto the computer and is able to achieve a nice painterly look. Along with the realism in her drawings, she blends in patterns and plays with beautiful colour palettes.


5. Pietari Posti

giantsnina72 pietari_posti_Konstrundan Pietari_Posti_zodiac2 Pietari_posti_metropolis

Finnish illustrator Pietari Posti, has work always full of vibrant colors and incredible patterns, but it seems like over the years the level of craftsmanship in his work has become even more refined. Using a range of traditional and digital mediums, Pietari’s work exhibits a profound understanding of the value of well balanced composition; using colour, varying line thickness, shape and tone to create beautiful illustrations.


6. Orlando Arocena

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Orlando Arocena is master at using Adobe Illustrator, delivering creative solutions for some of the world’s most renowned Brands. According to Orlando, there’s no gradient meshes, plugins and custom brushes involved. This is pretty impressive and so amazing to look at.


7. Jonathan Ball

238939_1287474875_large jonathanball 238939_1313657934_large SLIDEpow3

Cardiff based illustrator Jonathan Ball, also works as a designer and has immersed himself in numerous other creative spheres. He creates distinctively stylized work that is often infused with quirky characters.


8. Alberto Seveso

8.Alberto-Seveso alberto-seveso-a5.jpg alberto-seveso-2 Alberto-Seveso-3

Well known for his ink in water and oil photography, Alberto Seveso also creates beautifully stylized illustrations created by mixing vibrant vectors with photography.


9. Joseph McDermott

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When he was a boy growing up in New Jersey, Joseph McDermott remembers drawing the panels from his comic books, and creating scenes featuring his favourite cartoon characters. Now based in Philadelphia, he’s doing the same thing as a career and has developed a Lichtenstein-esque style based almost entirely on Silver Age comics.


10. Benjamin Voldman

tencent toughjobs_med_1 vv do_sports

Ben Voldman is an illustrator and designer who specialises in cute and quirky editorial and advertising illustrations. His work is a mixture of 3D and painted textures.

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