10 of our favourite illustrators!

Looking for some inspiration? We’ve put together a list of some our favourite illustrators for you to check out!

1. Esra Roise

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Norwegian illustrator Esra Røise works mainly with pencils, watercolours and ink on paper. She says she enjoys the juxtaposition of analogue and digital combined saying that although she tries to always maintain an analogue starting point, most of her works are a combination of the two. Esra is inspired by seemingly trivial everyday situations, as well as by the spontaneity, poor cropping, and unusual angles often seen in snapshot photographs. Røise’s growing list of clients include Vogue China, Nylon, Wallpaper*, Levi’s, Nike, and Glamour, to name a few. Needless to say, she is very talented at perfectly using shadow and light to fully model her figures.


2. Dr. Lukas Brezak

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Dr. Lukas Brezak is a renowned artist, illustrator and a graphic designer from the Czech Republic. Each and every image created by Dr. Brezak is unique. The breathtaking use of color, light and shades and forms creates a unique world of graphic world which is so very different from the world we know around us. When we think about the art of Lukas Brezak, the first thing that comes in our minds is the unthinkable cocktail of reality and fantasy in his quirky form of art.


3. Mark Powell

markpowellweb29 markpowellart392websitea mark-powell-antique-map-of-stockholm mark-powell-electric-candellights


London-based Mark Powell uses nothing but a simple Bic Biro ballpoint pen to create incredibly detailed portraits of the elderly. His chosen canvases are antique documents dating from 1763 onwards. His aim is to portray what can be produced with the most basic tool whilst creating a relationship between the canvas and image.


4. Conrad Roset

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With minimal lines and well-placed spots of dripping color, Conrad Roset’s vivid illustrations of naked, languid women simply oozes the slippery and carnal essence of sex. Conrad has previously stated that, ‘I search for the beauty the body exudes. I like drawing the female figure.’ One of Roset’s most widely recognised collections is Muses, which highlights his fascination and love for the female figure.


5. eboy

LPZ-RollingStone-Concert-21k-882 MRS-Miami-Pixorama-79t-retina TM3-Home-04.1s-3x tumblr_lpdfk2kFyD1qbtgiuo1_1280


Undisputed sovereigns of pixel art, The graphic collective Eboy has developed throughout the years a sophisticated artwork where you can see rampaging robots climbing big buildings next to tanned bikini girls, all of it in a complex and fun looking 3D world.


6. Ruben Ireland

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London-based Ruben Ireland produces images that are haunting and omber, with faces and bodies that at first glance seem normal but upon closer inspection reveal themselves to be altogether out of harmony with the standard proportions of a Human figure.


7. Andreas Englund

portraits-of-an-elderly-superhero-by-andreas-englund-5 Andreas_Englund_16_Problem_1_1060x1300 Andreas-Englund_web3 andreas-englund-superhero-life-07

In his ongoing series of photorealistic oil paintings called the Aging Superhero, Swedish artist Andreas Englund takes us into the humorous life of an anonymous superhero who has probably seen better days. Though he still puts up a tough fight, the wear and tear of battling crime has taken its toll on this elderly action figure.


8. The White Deer

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Peony Yip, who works under the pseudonym “The White Deer”, creates minimalist portraits rendered in pencil and superimposed with nature, insects or animals are fresh and full of energy. Her illustrations captivate delicate simplicity, technique and colour.


9. Sasha Unisex

1234886_619176398127386_791672205_n Tattoos-by-Sasha-Unisex-1 1517443_675088585869500_2098074349_n tumblr_mykl1dIQW91s4j88qo1_1280

Sasha Unisex is a tattoo artist from St. Petersburg, Russia. Her tattoo work is amazing in the way that it all looks as if it were painted on with watercolors, watercolour being the main medium used in her illustrations. Unisex is clearly inspired by nature but she manages to put her own spin on the animals and plants that she tattoos by using unconventional colours and often doing other designs within the silhouette of a design.


10. Eduardo Recife

brightside-1119@2x dream-1841@2x waiting_for_happiness-49115@2x eduardo3

Eduardo Recife is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, typographer and creator of Misprinted Type, a website featuring his personal works, collages, drawings, and typefaces. His work is characterized for its old era style. Eduardo reuses worn out objects, faded photos, and misplaced and broken stuff.


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