Making A Racquet: Mookie’s Swingball Website Hits High!

In Brief

Mookie commissioned Milton Bayer to design and develop a content managed website for the home of everything Swingball… The new website coincides with the launch of their new product – The new and exciting ‘big-daddy’, the Swingball Pro!

What we produced…

We produced a platform to showcase Mookie’s exclusive Swingball range as well as promoting active sports and offering fun & games to their users. Content includes events listing, dynamic twitter feeds, videos, spare part index and stockist information. The result was a clean, fun and easily digestible website for kids and grown ups.

Since the Swingball Pro is aimed at a slightly older generation of young men and women, it was necessary to re-energise the look and feel of the Swingball Pro so that it differs to that of Mookie’s conventional product range. The Swingball Pro’s style reflects that of a moody landscape with light rays and sparks to really give an impression of a fast paced upgraded game. We wanted to break the mould in terms of marketing to a new audience type, making it more appealing. Introducing punchy red call-to-actions allows users to find and select relevant information including making a purchase. The website features a streamlined checkout system allowing the client to retain the ability to track and monitor incoming orders via the integrated ePDQ payment gateway with full order notifications.

What is Swingball?

Swingball is a game that consists of two bats, a pole, tether, spiral and a base. Two players takes it in turn to hit the ball, one hitting the ball clockwise, the other anticlockwise. The ball flies around the pole and the tether moves up and down the spiral. The winner is the player to reach the top or the bottom of the spiral first.

What is the Swingball PRO?

Not just your average Swingball, oh no! The Pro is now 170cm high, 8cm taller than the original, which in turn means you need to do some serious jumping to smack that ball back where it came from! As well as this, Mookie’s added an extra 2 spirals to the famous Swingball head which means you’re gonna be out there returning a lot longer. The bat is now heavier (300 grams to be exact) so you can really smash that ball and with an added rubber grip, makes sure your game doesn’t ‘slip up’. Couple this with a stronger base and real tennis ball and you’ve got a real game to get stuck into with your mates!

Also, if you enjoy a good game of Swingball, you can play it from the comfort of your own home! The free Swingball Pro app is now available to download for popular devices such the iPhone and iPod Touch – More on this here.


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