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Top 10 iPhone Apps for Creative People

Last year we posted Top 10 iPhone Apps for Web Designers, this year we’ve put together another Top 10 of awesome apps you need in your life, enjoy…

1. Instagram

Price: FREE | Download

Just about the best point-&-click app available. Take a pic of anything; a place, an object, yourself perhaps? And share it with the world. You can add filters to the photo creating ‘that vintage look’ or apply a fancy tilt-shift effect for a point of focus. You’ll find a filter in there perfect for every type of photo.

2. Flixel

Price: FREE | Download

Flixel is a Instagram-like app that allows users to “Capture a Moment” by creating a stop-motion sequence of photos (like an animated .gif) and share it almost everywhere. What’s great about this nifty app is the ability to exclude sections of the image, in turn creating a seamless animated loop.

3. Pinterest

Price: FREE | Download

Described as a “Virtual Pinboard” – it’s basically a place from which people can upload images of interest and share them among friends (and strangers). You can follow and browse pinterests, it’s that simple. Most websites and blogs now include a pinterest badge so you can easily add it to yours.

4. Clear

Price: £1.49 | Download

It’s a list app but unlike any list app you’ve seen, better than a piece of paper! This app will organise you/your life in a most engaging way. For those who need to be reminded, and regularly.

5. Mag+

Price: FREE | Download

Digitalise your magazine or brochure with this app. Seamlessly flick between pages and scroll through content. Use the simple InDesign plugin and export with a simple click of a button!

6. Fancy

Price: FREE | Download

App of all things cool. From architecture to product design. It’s a great app to discover something new and generally a place where you’ll find a wealth of inspiration. As with most apps, you too can share anything you find.

7. Balllin’

Price: £1.49 | Download

A dribbble client for your iPhone. Although there are many like this app, this one does it particularly well. It’s a place where designers, developers and illustrators can share their current work in a ‘closed’ environment (meaning not just anyone can join, they have to be invited or drafted).

8. Flipboard

Price: FREE | Download

Imagine your social networks pulled together in an informative and engaging way. They’re all packaged within a beautiful UI and ready to access instantly. Flipboard works with Facebook, Twitter and apps like Instagram. What else do you need?

9. Etsy

Price: FREE | Download

Etsy is a essentially an ecommerce platform from which individuals and businesses can sell bespoke and handmade creative products. With the app you can browse through thousands of sellers and purchase items seamlessly and easily. Makes for a good inspiration companion.

10. Cinemagram

Price: FREE | Download

An alternative to Flixel. Think of Instgram but for short movie clips. Create a short sequence and share it!

Know of an iPhone app you’d like us to feature? Let us know and we’ll try get it in the next Top 10 post.

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