Top 10 iPhone Apps for Web Designers

The iPhone has become increasingly popular with business owners, creative outfits and high street consumers (with thanks to Apple’s impeccable marketing), but what makes our little phone become an extensive mobile platform is it’s ability to support a wealth of apps across a huge spectrum of categories. This means it opens the door to maximum productivity for web designers on the fly. So, giving that Milton Bayer is a full service creative agency and that we’re switched on, we’ve decided to put together an on-going Top 10 list for our readers starting with our fellow web designers.


ColorToy – Current version 1.1.1 | Price: £1.79

ColourToy is an extensive colour palette randomiser and scrapbook. It neatly displays a range of colour palettes via it’s ‘Inspire Me’ button and allows you to make changes to suit your needs with an option to save or email. As if displaying hex codes isn’t enough, you can also choose to view your beautiful new configured palette in RGB and HSB colour profiles too! Screenshot.

CSS Cheat Sheet

CSS Cheat Sheet – Current version 1.01 | Price: £0.59

An absolute must for any web designer who likes to get their hands dirty with style sheets. CSS Cheat Sheet is a library of CSS properties with descriptions, values and even an examples of appropriate usage. You could be a pro in minutes! Well, kind of. Screenshot.

HTML Cheat Sheet

HTML Cheat Sheet – Current version 2.0 | Price: £1.59

Another Concentric Sky app as above but with a HTML markup library. Choose from options such as tag lists, attributes and character sets. Highly recommended if you like to hand code your pages but may want a little help along the way. Screenshot.

JQuery Cheat Sheet

JQuery Cheat Sheet – Current version 2.0 | Price: £0.59

As if Jquery hadn’t been made easy enough for web developers, now you can strive for JQuery perfection whilst your out walking the dog! Screenshot.


Quicklytics – Current version 5.0.1 | Price: £0.59

Quicklytics is a fully comprehensive Google Analytics app. Add multiple domains and track their traffic movement. Nicely designed with the ability to narrow your stats by visits, page views, bounce rates and pages per visit. The most impressive feature from this app is it’s ability to pull data such as country, browser type and direct sources. Screenshot.


Dropbox – Current version 1.3 | Price: FREE!

Dropbox is an impressive data storage solution on the go. It’s a similar concept to MobileMe, but with 2GB free storage space with the basic package. You can access your Dropbox on the go, download files for offline use and sync files to your PC/Mac all whilst making your life easier. Screenshot.

Source Viewer

SourceViewer – Current version 1.6.1 | Price: £0.59

Exactly what it says on the tin, view any source code within any web page – It’s that easy! Screenshot.

SEO Submit Pro

SEO Submit Pro – Current version 2.2 | Price: £5.49

SEO Submit Pro is a Search Engine Optimisation submitter, this means it submit your website to a host of search engines including; Google, msn, yahoo, aol search,, exactseek, jayde,, metacrawler, dogpile mamma, c4, ixquick, infogrid, webinfosearch, oneseek, metaspider, vivisimo, panetsearch, mygo, & megacrawler. Highly thought of as the #1 SEO Application on the iPhone and iPod Touch! Screenshot.

FTP On The Go

FTPOnTheGo – Current version 2.2.5 | Price: £3.99

Quite simply an FTP client for the iPhone. View, manage, edit, download/upload files as well as the ability to change folder permissions. Probably the most useful mobile application for editing your files on the move. You could potentially build an entire site with this app, if you were of course away from your desktop computer for a long period of time, which most of us arn’t. Screenshot.

Tea Round App

Tea Round – Current version 1.0 | Price: £0.59

This post’s curve ball, the Tea Round app. Because we all know it’s a chore when it’s your turn and more often than not you’ll get a couple of whiners and dodgers but we’re hoping you’ll use this app to eradicate any studio squables. You can add a new tea round as well as select candidates and shake the app for the result! Please note: We are not responsible for any unwelcome tea round requests whilst using this app! Screenshot.

Know of an iPhone app you’d like us to feature? Let us know and we’ll try get it in the next Top 10 post. Next time, Top 10 iPhone Apps for Print Designers.

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  1. Hi Milton!

    I’m the developer for Quicklytics, and its great to know you like my app! A new update is coming in the next few days that will make it even faster!

  2. Glad you liked my post! I love Quicklytics, It’s revolutionised the way I view my stats on a day-to-day basis. Keep up the great work!

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