2013 Lucky Calendar Desktop Wallpapers

2013 Lucky Calendar

2013 is upon us, we’ve miraculously survived the Mayan Calendar predictions and popped out the other end ready to start a new year. Lucky you, eh?

Every year the studio here at MB put together a creative calendar for the year ahead. Everyone in the studio takes a couple of calendar months and we are generally free to do whatever we feel is appropriate (loosely speaking!). This year’s concept is ‘Luck’ and we’ve pulled together some cool pieces for your desktop!

January’s calendar piece has been created by Mr David Bardell, he explains:

“Tigers are lucky in China as 2013 is the Year of the Tiger I wanted to infuse it with something else. Elvis seemed to fit the bill and I read somewhere he had numerous ornamental tigers in his house. Couple that with the song ‘Tiger Man’ (uhh huh!) and you’re onto a winner!

“I am the king of the jungle. They call me the tiger man…”

Basically, I wanted to make a tiger look bloody cool. So I did, it’s a tiger, man!”

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