Blast from the past

Back in the days when news travelled on paper, two unlikely lads got together and formed a new company. Here’s the press cutting from February 1991. Reading it is funny now considering how we have evolved as a company. However, some things don’t change, like the spin you put on marketing to make things sound great. Check the wording and read between the lines…. what makes you think it was literally two men and a desk and no computers?

Ray Wellington

Ray Wellington

Director of Strategy at Milton Bayer working across sectors on What If? propositions. My mantra - 'the answer's out there, you just need to look in the right place'.

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  1. That’s astonishing Ray… I can’t believe it. But there it is in black and White: Save £10 on Dolphin Cylinder Cleaners?? I didn’t even know dolphins HAD cylinders!

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