DIY England Flag to GB olympics

Euro Tears? Olympic Cheers!

So the Euro’s are over, for England at least, and we are once again facing the prospect of NO FOOTBALL to watch (or avoid) for several long weeks! You must be gutted, having spent a whole pound or so, in order to proudly fly the flag in support of Gerrard and co. What a waste of all those pennies.

You may however, have heard about another small sporting event that’s nearly upon us…

So why not recycle, reuse, and re… BELIEVE!

Why not turn ‘George’ into ‘Jack’, and get behind Team GB!

DIY England Flag to GB olympics

Here’s what you will need:

  • 1 Blue pen.
  • 1 Red pen.
  • 1 St. George’s Cross flag.

DIY England Flag to GB olympics

Step 1. Lay the flag on a flat surface.

Step 2. Turn it into a Union Jack.

You’re Welcome England!

Top Tip: Do you, like us, find car flags a bit naff? Fly them on an office fan on oscillate, to do the waving for you!

DIY England Flag to GB olympics


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