Fun things we’ve found to give you a Friday Smile!

Friday is definitely the best day of the week, but to make it even better here are some of our favourite things we’ve found this week, to give you a Friday smile!

This Chameleon LOVES popping bubbles


Scott Scheidly – “The Pink”

“The Pink”, by Scott Scheidly explores the cultural and social implications of colours and how they can affect our perceptions. We’ve touched on these pre-conceptions ourselves in Colour palettes – do girls like pink and not green? but Scheidly takes it one step further by transforming recognisable world leaders into incredibly pink portraits – and we love them! Obama the pimp and emo Hitler have to be some of my personal favourites.

barack-sm george-sm hitler-sm


A three year old explains the Olympic logos


Food transformed into art – right on your plate

Hong Yi, aka “Red” is a Malaysian artist who prides herself on painting anything, so long as it doesn’t involve using a paintbrush. During March 2013, she undertook a project to create art out of food, cultivating in 31 Days of Food Creativity. Below are three of my favourites.

food-eggshells food-circus hitler-sm


New wind turbines which look like trees

NewWind R&D have created an alternative to wind turbines which look like trees. It’s quiet and powerful, and only needs half the wind of traditional wind turbines. They cost $37’000 but could pay for themselves within two years. Paris is already set to prototype these turbines next March.


Jurassic Park, remade in 1993 by children

In 1993, a couple of kids remade Jurassic Park using their toys. In honour of Jurassic World being launched, their original film has been released.


Thoughts on Type from Type People

Graphic Designer Bill Dawson has created an incredible set of typography-themed quotes from famous designers, typographers and other “type people”. His full collect can be found here: Typethos: Thoughts on Type from Type People.

Trajan is the Arial of Film Posters Lettering is like clay. Type is like Lego. Helvetica is the sweatpants of typefaces.

Natalie de Weerd

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