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Below we’ve found even more awesome things on the Internet! If you missed our previous post, you can see it here.

Have you been pronouncing these 30 brand names correctly?

Have you ever gotten into an argument with a friend about how a word should be pronounced, particularly when it comes to a brand name? Surprisingly mispronouncing brand names happens quite often, despite all of the advertising! This infographic shows how some brand names should be pronounced.

info-1 info-2 info-3


Toonz is going open source!

The animation software used by animation giants Studio Ghibli and Futurama is now going open source – which means it’ll be free! OpenToonz will include features developed by Studio Ghibli and is set to create a platform which will actively encourage the animated film industry to cooperate with each other.


DIY Giant Origami Bunnies

The problem I’ve always had with Origami, is that it requires a lot of fiddling with very small pieces of paper. Giant Bunny Origami is the answer to this tiny fiddly problem (plus they’re freakin’ adorable)!


Improving UX with Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling

A few years ago Emma Coats shared 22 rules about Storytelling which she’d learned during her time as a Pixar storyboard artist. Her 22 rules can easily be applied to UX design – after all, a user’s experience is akin to a story!


1970’s stock photos

When we think of Stock Photos, we think of Shutterstock, or iStock Photo; certainly the last thing we’d think about is a stock photo catalogue from pre-Internet days. I think it’s clear to see from the photos below however, that stock photos are still just as whacky as ever!

1970's stock photos - 1 1970's stock photos - 2 1970's stock photos - 3


What’s your favourite programmer cartoon?

Stack Overflow user Dan Williams asked his fellow programmers what their favourite programmer cartoon is, the results were amazing, but below are three of our favourites!

Funny Programmer Cartoon - 1 Funny Programmer Cartoon - 2 Funny Programmer Cartoon - 3


Creative games for creative people

A great list of games aimed at those with a creative flair! You might even recognise one of them from our previous blog post: Blendoku.


This Dad who gave his kid the most immersive VR experience ever!

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