Sparky plays for the Vikings!

I’ve just stumbled across this old newspaper clipping of my sunday football team, which I cheekily photoshop’d in a Utd legend Mark Hughes. It went to print in the early edition of the Kettering Evening Telegraph but was pulled from the late edition due to a large number of calls to the paper asking where our home ground was as local football connoisseurs wanted to see one Mr. M Hughes plays sunday league football!!


Milton Bayer

Milton Bayer

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  1. Love this James, that is a classic. I once photo shopped Elvis on a Mercedes bonnet for my Chron & Echo advert, listing it as Elvis’s Car of The Week!!!

  2. Richard, dig it out, we’ll post it.

    Disclaimer: We do not condone identity fraud in any way shape or form however, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t cloned my face in over someone else’s driving license in order to buy beer. I feel shameful 🙁

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