Swingall & Tailball Competitions, Groupon Offer

Swingball Prizes & Offers

Milton Bayer has worked with Mookie Toys to setup online competitions to win an iPod nano or Swingball Pro. To win the prizes you have to submit the best picture of yourself playing Swingball in public places, known as “Swingkin”, or playing their Tailball game in places around the world. We’ve also integrated their website with the facebook fanpages to show the latest competition entries from the facebook wall galleries.

Also look out for the Groupon offer on Wednesday where you can get a voucher to use in the online shop we created for Mookie Toys. The voucher enables you to take advantage of the Groupon collective buying power to get hold of an All Surface Swingball at a fraction of its retail price.

Competition and offer links:


Ashley Chant

Ashley Chant

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