Welcome to 2015!

What do you think will happen in Marketing/Design/Creativity/Strategy  this year? We researched some trends for the coming year and took a few punts!

1. Usefulness

What exactly is ‘good’ in marketing? Well, recently some have rightly posited that good actually means useful, especially in a world somewhat full of useless information. It’s a handy label to use, much more useful than ‘thought leader’. If a potential client finds you useful, you’re much more likely to become an actual client, and a kept-on one too. As a stance which has no real down-side, this can only continue to become more important in 2015.


2. Micro-celebrity becomes fame for brands too.

Starting on YouTube with a small audience which grows to a large one is becoming a main route to popularity and fame in the celebrity arena. We’ve noticed a few groups (Pentatonix being a case in point) doing it. YouTube really is TV for the young at last. Surely there’s some route lessons there for brands to adopt?


3. Great people will be even more of a priority.

As every industry realises that the only way to differentiate themselves in crowded marketplaces is to use some serious creativity, they also realise that this means recruiting more creative talent. Ergo, it’s in shorter supply.


4. Being a great place to work will also be more of a priority

Point 2 means that prime talent will have more options on where they’d like to work. To attract them , businesses are more and more ‘google-ising’ their workplaces, providing engaging, fun places to create in.


5. Leaders will become better

Point 3 also has a knock-on effect. Great places to work which are full of great talent will only happen under great leadership. With Investors in People (amongst others) planning on upping the ante this year, this is set to become a talking point. No more ‘seagull managers’!


6. An increase in empathy

Responsive goes from just screen sizes to responsive content and layout changes – we’ll need to listen to what the target wants and personalise it for their needs. But also more honesty and transparency in our offerings as brands will appeal even more as people get more and more tired of that which is not ‘real’ or relevant.


7. Content marketing continues to expand its time-sensitivity

This is related to empathy. As a digester of content, you can now have an ephemeral, short chat with Snapchat, Yo and Yik Yak, or read a book in 10 minutes with the Blinklist App. You can also have a jolly good ‘long read’ with Aeon or Longreads. You can even choose the length of your reading on somewhere like Medium (which tells you how long it’s going to take to read each article). This seems to be catching on and why wouldn’t it?


8. The Internet of Things might start to actually take off

Big companies have already begun buying smaller ones who can provide them with the capabilities to offer connected devices. This will break down barriers between hitherto unconnected areas and surely create new ideas and platforms for creatives to work in. But who wants another ‘connected device on their wrists? Already existing items such as shirts and socks will become the smart choice for 2015.


9. Absurdity and Frankenstein creativity

The IoT is already spawning cooler boxes which are speakers and bottle openers. Toasters which tell you the weather. Look at a Radio shack ad from 10 years ago and you will see 20 products advertised – all of which are now rolled into your pocket smartphone. Absurdity has always been a good tool for generating creative ideas but it is set to become even more so.


10. The customer really is king

Speaking of Frankenstein creativity, the big boys are realising that giving consumers what they actually want pays dividends for your brand. Virgin Money recently used a ‘customer capture’ strategy which spawned their ‘relationship lounges’ – places which complement their main branches but do not actually sell. Selling via simply being useful (which brings us full circle).

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