What is it about pixel resolution and cameras?

For the past maybe 4 years I’ve had a Canon IXUS with a Carl Zeiss lens but only 4 megapixel resolution. Since then, resolutions have gone up whilst the price has come down. Typical technology. But, the enlargements I make from the Canon at 4 megapixels are astounding up to a metre high. I’ve used a great canvas site called Outlook Images. They are good value and the quality is excellent. I’ve seen images blown up on 10 megapixel cameras and they are not as sharp. I think the race to get biger megapixels are at the detriment to the lens quality. So if you need a good camera for under £50, look on Ebay for a Canon IXUS – you won’t be disappointed.

Ray Wellington

Ray Wellington

Director of Strategy at Milton Bayer working across sectors on What If? propositions. My mantra - 'the answer's out there, you just need to look in the right place'.

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