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In July LinkedIn launched a new plugin called “Apply With LinkedIn” that allows users to apply for jobs using their LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn feel this could be the future of job applications as it makes applying for jobs on various websites faster, and also enhances the information a company will receive on the applicants. For example after submitting the application the user can view people in their network that are connected to the company and request referrals to increase their chances of getting hired.

We have now worked with Impact Recruitment to implement this on their website and we expect many applicants to start using this new simple method. Its easy to easy add you just need to setup an application on LinkedIn then include a snippet on JavaScript for the button. Full instructions can be found here.

Take a look at it in action on Impact Recruitment or watch the video below for the LinkedIn demo.

Ashley Chant

Ashley Chant

Senior Developer at Milton Bayer, I get involved in all stages of the development life cycle. I enjoy problem solving and the ever changing world of web development.

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