Milton Bayer is now on Twitter!

twitterBecause we like to use as many technologies as we can get our hands on we recently signed up to Twitter under the username of “miltonbayer”. You might notice that on the right hand side of our blog our latest “tweets” are displayed, and if you have no idea what twitter is allow us to explain;

Twitter ( is an online social media application that allows you to display short “status” messages telling your followers what it is you are up to. You are limited to 140 characters which is just enough to say what you are doing, link to a photo and / or a web site. Those who have followed you can then see this in their “stream”. As a user of twitter you have a constant stream of all the people that you follow and what they are up to.

What’s the point in that I hear you say? Of course, you don’t want to hear about what someone is having for dinner or that they are about to go to the supermarket, but for companies it is a great way to show details of what you are doing project-wise at any particular time, and you can share information whether it’s technical or just something cool. Twitter is also a great place to ask questions, as those following you can then reply to your questions directly.

For Milton Bayer it’s just another way for us to keep in touch with everyone. Why don’t you follow us, hopefully you’ll learn something new?

Milton Bayer

Milton Bayer

We are Milton Bayer, an award winning, multi-disciplinary, strategic and creative marketing agency.

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