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Should your brand be on Twitter or any other social media? This is question that we get asked all the time. Our response is always to consider the benefits of your brand having a Twitter or Facebook page. Do you have a lot to tweet or post about? Will your feed look sparse or are you going to have someone populate it with material all the time? Do you have enough brand or product recognition that you will get followers?

This all changed recently when Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen posted a tweet saying that he was looking for a #winning intern. Charlie had just been fired by his bosses but, at the same time, he had opened a Twitter account and became the fastest person so far, to reach 1 million followers. Now, just two weeks on and he has more than 3 million followers. However, the post saying he was looking for a #winning intern was a paid for tweet from a brand that was looking for recognition. The website which he was promoting consequently received 127,000 hits in one hour and 800,000 within 24 hours. Now it seems there are lots of celebrities in America trying to cash in on the paid for tweets.

So the question is; do you want the hard-slog of building up your brand and getting the recognition you deserve or do you want to pay someone to promote it and get the instant recognition? The stats show the hard-slog will work as the paid-for-tweets don’t always mean a conversion.

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