Attack of the Trip Advisor ‘Reviewers’

What does it mean to be a Trip Advisor contributor? Does it mean that you are professional critique? Does it mean that you have travelled the world and stayed in all types of accommodation? Well in some cases, yes but in most cases no.

Trip Advisor was set up as a review website where users can leaves comments about accommodation, good or bad and let the public decide if they want to go and stay there.

A programme on Monday night on Channel 4 showed that the site has become much more this. It is now a powerful weapon which can make or break a business – in some cases destroying it overnight.

Most people who use trip advisor will read the reviews and make up their mind as to whether the good comments out-way the bad comments and from there, make a decision.
However, some people on Trip-Advisor have now taken it upon themselves to become the ultimate critique and look for things to nit-pic at and write a bad review – not look for the good things and then write the negatives that transpire, but actually look for negatives things straight away.

They claim it is because potential other customers have a right to know. This is true. But when does it change form writing an amateur review to setting out to destroy businesses which people have ploughed their life and their into.

It seems that no matter how you look at it, you will always find good or bad reviews as you can’t please everyone but at the same time, don’t go to a bed and breakfast for £80 a night and expect a £350+ hotel room for the night!

Milton Bayer

Milton Bayer

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