DIY – The Vader Project

The term ‘DIY’ has become increasingly detached from it’s intended use in an attempt to encourage you to try something yourself and save a little cash for a raining day. It has now however become increasingly associated with fashionable self-decorative vinyl toys and other highly sort after collectibles.

But what’s The Vader Project? The idea was to take the timeless and iconic Darth Vader helmet from the hugely popular Star Wars films, decorate its dark plastic shell and transform the canvas into something truly artistic and unique. Originally hosted at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA USA, the project has seen a huge development and back catalogue of contributions from some of the worlds favourite designers and illustrators.

Recent additions to The Vader Project include designs from artists such as Tokidoki and Alex Pardee.

For other similar DIY collectibles, see Kidrobot.

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