Infographics: Powering Africa

Statistics can often be difficult to digest and sometimes leave you like you’ve been stuck in a classroom with an educated but immensely boring maths teacher. At this point if there are any pupils reading, stay in school kids! Information Graphics are particularly popular among designers and illustrators as they tend to be quite open in terms of design, colour and layout. They also serve as a basis for a lot of the motion pieces you’ve seen on social media sites such as vimeo and youtube. Because they are so common with creative outfits and individuals, unsurprisingly enough, infographics (As they’re commonly known) are busy compositions but generally very easy to read and understand.

There are plenty of infographics in circulation some relevant to global and economic issues, some not. The one in particular that caught my eye was titled ‘The Quest to Power Africa’. Given that this is an important global affair we feel everyone should be aware of I thought I’d share it and create a more awareness surrounding the issue in Africa. It is of course the second largest continent (Making up 25% of the world’s population!) the largest being Asia but as big as it is, it’s worrying that it’s still the minority when comparing the overall power generation-to-population ratio from countries such as the United States or Japan. Despite Africa’s vast terrain, enormous population and abundance of natural resources it continues to lack the power generation that a demanding continent needs. A large percentage of Africa is still without electricity and running water. Take a look, I guarantee you’ll go away wiser and more considerate.

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Milton Bayer

Milton Bayer

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