iPhone amazement

When the iPhone came out I wasn’t sure. I’d used large format phones such as the o2 palm based units and found them cumbersome. The iPhone was bigger. Yet now I wouldn’t want anything else. Apple really have changed the face of mobile phones dragging a whole host of other manufacturers onto the ‘app’ bandwagon. Since launch there are over 50 million iPhone users in 77 countries! and a staggering 2 billion app downloads. Half a billion in one quarter. With 125,000 developers responsible for a current 85,000 apps, you can see how competitive the market is to get a killer app up there. But like marketing your business, you might have a great idea but if no-one finds out about it, you’re dead. We are looking at iPhone apps now for a number of clients. I wonder when the bubble will ever burst!!

Ray Wellington

Ray Wellington

Director of Strategy at Milton Bayer working across sectors on What If? propositions. My mantra - 'the answer's out there, you just need to look in the right place'.

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