Mozilla Unveils BrowserID

Mozilla announced last night a new project aimed to steamling the sign-in process for websites. BrowserID centralises your login details and allows almost one-click sign-in to any websites supporting the service.

“For a Web developer, creating a new application always involves an annoying hurdle: how do users sign in? An email address with a confirmation step is the classic method, but it demands a user’s time and requires the user to take an extra step and remember another password. Outsourcing login and identity management to large providers like Facebook, Twitter, or Google is an option, but these products also come with lock-in, reliability issues, and data privacy concerns.”

The service is still in the experimental stage, and we will continue to monitor it to see if it gains any market penetration or becomes ‘yet another rarely used sign-in service’.

Milton Bayer

Milton Bayer

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