Negativity sucks.

I don’t know about you but I’m getting increasingly annoyed at the media’s incessant desire to portray a negative spin on the news. Whilst we cannot hide from the fact that the financial world is in a bit of a mess right now, our attitude on how we think about it is highly influenced by the media we consume. Trying to sell on a negative never works in the long run. Being positive is the key to achieving success. Look at motivational speakers and training consultants. How successful would they be if they continually told someone to buck their ideas up or the world will collapse? Listening to the news the other morning I was astonished to hear what could have been a positive story sold as a negative. It was on the BBC too. Britain’s credit rating, along with two other major European countries is in danger of being downgraded from it’s strong triple ‘A’ rating. The effect of which would be a lack of confidence in global investment to the UK and certain spiral into recessive oblivion. The global credit rating business that put out the report actually said that 2 countries would almost certainly lose their coveted triple ‘A’ status, but the UK was ok right now but needs to be careful as it too could also fall below. The BBC could have said “Britain holds onto its coveted triple ‘A’ rating while other major Europeans are set to lose theirs this year! Told this way we would all get an uplift from the news instead of another sandbag being tied to our belt. In marketing, we are always looking for the positives to accentuate because it sells products better. And if products sell, the businesses we work for prosper, create jobs and fills the government coffers. So can you scare people into action? Does being negative make us cautious and ultimately safer? What do you think?

Ray Wellington

Ray Wellington

Director of Strategy at Milton Bayer working across sectors on What If? propositions. My mantra - 'the answer's out there, you just need to look in the right place'.

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