New Swampsterz Designs

Just before Christmas I received this lovely letter from a young boy called Tom, aged 7. He’s been collecting Swampsterz and has his own ideas for new Swampsterz characters. I’ve included his drawing below and as you can see he’s gone to a lot of trouble and done a great job by including all the details ELC would need to create these characters

For each character Tom has worked out their ratings, made-up a name and written a short description

Working on the Swampsterz website was great fun, designing the swamp, recording the voices with Guy Harris and working with our in house animators to bring the site to life, none of it seemed like work. Then to receive a letter like this just tops the whole project off.

New Swampsterz Designs

Milton Bayer

Milton Bayer

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  1. I am just writing to say thanks for replying to Toms letter. He is so excited and happy that you took the time to look at his ideas and to write back to him. He came home from school, open the letter and started jumping up and down as he was reading it and then ran to the computer to see his pictures on the website. Tom loves to create drawing after drawing of monsters infact it amazes me just how different all his creations are. I guess he must have a very good imagination. Tom is enjoying playing with the swampsterz very much and i am sure he will continue doing so for some time to come. I am also sure he will continue to create new and exciting ideas. Thankyou for making his day.
    Mnay thanks
    Mrs E Myers


  3. Hi Mrs Myers, I think we have a little designer/illustrator on our hands here! It’s more than a pleasure to feature this article and thanks for the awesome drawing Tom!

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