Polyply - Front on

The (almost) iEveryting Stand

Made from Acrylate Polyer (That’s posh plastic to you and me) and birch plywood. Currently shown holding an iPad, an old school iPod, iPhone and a stylus or pen. What I love about the PolyPly is it’s simple and elegant design acts as a prop and a storage solution for apple devices, it’s the practicality of the item that makes it a useful piece of design, it’s functional and not just for show. It by no means detracts from the beauty of what it holds.

Your thoughts, like it? Dislike it?

Polyply - Front on

Polyply - Close up

Polyply - The iPad fits snuggly

Polyply - Side view holding the iPhone

Polyply - Low rider

Polyply - Reverse

Polyply - Shell

Credits: Andrew Seunghyun Kim, Yanko Design & Minimally Minimal for the imagery.

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