Designer Sudoku anyone?

Hello! I’m Kayleigh. I’m the new Junior Designer here at Milton Bayer. My first couple of weeks here have been a bit of a whirlwind, with a typical day consisting of a lot of hard work broken up with joking around, followed by David and James arguing over who’s turn it is to make the […]

Top 10 Apps

Top 10 iPhone Apps for Creative People

Last year we posted Top 10 iPhone Apps for Web Designers, this year we’ve put together another Top 10 of awesome apps you need in your life, enjoy… 1. Instagram Price: FREE | Download Just about the best point-&-click app available. Take a pic of anything; a place, an object, yourself perhaps? And share it […]

Javascript Unit Testing

From simple websites to full scale Web Applications, JavaScript is the go-to scripting language for building interactivity into web sites and applications. As projects become more and more complex, with lines of JavaScript increasing dramatically, testing your code for bugs, glitches & performance is an essential part of development.

Chosen Select Lists Plugin

Enhanced Select Lists and Multi-Selects with Chosen

I recently came across this plugin that really improves the usability of large select lists and multiple select form elements. The plugin is called Chosen and is available to use with JQuery, Prototype and Mootools.

Chosen offers enhanced features to select lists for searching through the options and supports multiple select lists and option grouping…

Swingball Pro iPhone App

Making An iOS Specific Application

Where do you start? The App Store currently boasts 500,000 approved apps, there are almost 86,000 developers and almost 40% of iPhone apps are free. It’s already saturated with hundreds of redundant apps struggling for the lime light. Do your research – is there a gap? Who is doing what? Capitalise – have they missed […]

Flipboard iPad App

Flipboard – iPad App

Here is an iPad app that keeps all your social media in one very cool app, Twitter, Facebook, images, Tech info anything you want can be introduced in to Flipboard, formatted into a magazine style with page flicking to make ease of use. Enjoy.

Top 10 iPhone Apps for Web Designers

The iPhone has become increasingly popular with business owners, creative outfits and high street consumers (with thanks to Apple’s impeccable marketing), but what makes our little phone become an extensive mobile platform is it’s ability to support a wealth of apps across a huge spectrum of categories.

Google jumps into social networking arena

Google have found yet another internet pie to stick its fingers into. This week they are launching Google Buzz, a social networking plugin for their Gmail email service. Buzz allows you to share your thoughts, links, photos and videos with your friends as well as allowing you to follow your friends and other Twitter feeds […]