DIY – The Vader Project

The term ‘DIY’ has become increasingly detached from it’s intended use in an attempt to encourage you to try something yourself and save a little cash for a raining day. It has now however become increasingly associated with fashionable self-decorative vinyl toys and other highly sort after collectibles.

Football & Art…

…two of my greatest passions, here are a few pics from travels around some of the greatest grounds in Europe, from the Bernabéu in Madrid to Old Trafford, the World Cup in Germany 2006, and Celtic Park.

Dirty Car Art

For those of you who are tired of washing your car, why not take advantage of the situation and make art out of your dirty windscreens? That’s what the artist Scott Wade did. He evolved from writing things like “wash me”, to intricately detailed drawings. Check out his website

A little art is no bad thing

If you like a little bit of art, check out the work of Slinkachu. The artist creates tiny models and then leaves them in situ in the real world. Any little art that makes you smile is good in my book! and also