Welcome to 2015!

What do you think will happen in Marketing/Design/Creativity/Strategy  this year? We researched some trends for the coming year and took a few punts! 1. Usefulness What exactly is ‘good’ in marketing? Well, recently some have rightly posited that good actually means useful, especially in a world somewhat full of useless information. It’s a handy label […]

Why is Lego so successful?

We all remember growing up with Lego bricks lying around, not to mention how painful it was to step on one of those little plastic bricks, but how has Lego been so successful? As the way that children are playing rapidly changes, the toy industry is beginning to see increasing competition and is now seeing […]

Polyply - Front on

The (almost) iEveryting Stand

Made from Acrylate Polyer (That’s posh plastic to you and me) and birch plywood. Currently shown holding an iPad, an old school iPod, iPhone and a stylus or pen. What I love about the PolyPly is it’s simple and elegant design acts as a prop and a storage solution for apple devices, it’s the practicality […]

Charlie Sheen Twitter

Paid for Tweets

Should your brand be on Twitter or any other social media? This is question that we get asked all the time. Our response is always to consider the benefits of your brand having a Twitter or Facebook page. Do you have a lot to tweet or post about? Will your feed look sparse or are […]

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