Why aren’t you joining in? Where’s your sense of patriotism? Everyone else seems to be singing it, have you not noticed? Well maybe this will get your attention. The World Cup is almost upon us. It’s estimated to be worth £1.25bn to retailers this year, and that’s just with England’s usual quarter final place. A […]

Make war, not love

March is a funny old month. Part of our Roman calendar, it was originally the first month of the year, and in sunny Mediterranean Rome it heralded the start of spring. This meant (among other things) that it was a very logical time to start the military campaign season for the year, which is why […]

Google jumps into social networking arena

Google have found yet another internet pie to stick its fingers into. This week they are launching Google Buzz, a social networking plugin for their Gmail email service. Buzz allows you to share your thoughts, links, photos and videos with your friends as well as allowing you to follow your friends and other Twitter feeds […]

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