Designer Sudoku anyone?

Hello! I’m Kayleigh. I’m the new Junior Designer here at Milton Bayer. My first couple of weeks here have been a bit of a whirlwind, with a typical day consisting of a lot of hard work broken up with joking around, followed by David and James arguing over who’s turn it is to make the […]

Big Ed's Challenge - Final Round!

Big Ed’s Challenge – Final Round!

The final round started this weekend for the online flash game we created in association with MCE Insurance. Record a top 200 time riding a motorbike round the Silverstone track for a chance to win tickets to the final British Superbikes Championship race at Brands Hatch.

You’ll have until September 30th to record a time and one of the top 200 entries…

Swingall & Tailball Competitions, Groupon Offer

Swingball Prizes & Offers

Milton Bayer has worked with Mookie Toys to setup online competitions to win an iPod nano or Swingball Pro. To win the prizes you have to submit the best picture of yourself playing Swingball in public places, known as “Swingkin”, or playing their Tailball game in places around the world. We’ve also integrated their website […]

Big Ed’s BSB Challenge

Milton Bayer have just launched an online game for one of the UK’s leading motorcycle and scooter insurance specialist, MCE Insurance. Tickets to the MCE British Superbike Championship (BSB) are up for grabs to some of the fastest contenders. The game will run throughout the BSB season giving players plenty of opportunities to be in […]

Joyus Joypads, The Evolution of

Gaming is hugely popular, the video game market is swarming with titles and new releases but what is THE most important and fundamental element of any game? It’s the ability to control, right? Unsurprisingly, we at Milton Bayer love gaming a huge percentage of us do out there!

Video Games in Advertising

Some interesting adverts that use video games to promote their product. I think the Bluespace advert is the best because even if you have never played Tetris you still get the point of the advert… on the other hand I feel the sudden urge to buy a Pontiac and a Toyota.

For the LOVE of tea!

With our random tea generator you will no longer have to fight over the tea making duties. Simply enter in all your workates names, select ‘make tea’ and watch in awe as the electronic wizardry randomly slects a mug to make the tea for everyone else. It’s fair, fun and will never wear out.


This is quite possibly one of the most stylish and impressive online flash games I’ve ever seen. It looks great, plays simply and yet those in the industry will appreciate how much skill and programming went into its creation. Its one of those games where there’s no instructions and you need to play around to […]