Why is Lego so successful?

We all remember growing up with Lego bricks lying around, not to mention how painful it was to step on one of those little plastic bricks, but how has Lego been so successful? As the way that children are playing rapidly changes, the toy industry is beginning to see increasing competition and is now seeing […]

Swingball Pro iPhone App

Making An iOS Specific Application

Where do you start? The App Store currently boasts 500,000 approved apps, there are almost 86,000 developers and almost 40% of iPhone apps are free. It’s already saturated with hundreds of redundant apps struggling for the lime light. Do your research – is there a gap? Who is doing what? Capitalise – have they missed […]

New Swampsterz Designs

Just before Christmas I received this lovely letter from a young boy called Tom, aged 7. He’s been collecting Swampsterz and has his own ideas for new Swampsterz characters. I’ve included his drawing below and as you can see he’s gone to a lot of trouble and done a great job by including all the […]