New SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimisation is a constantly changing field. Google, arguably the world’s most popular search engine update their search algorithms as the internet develops, using the latest factors available to ensure search results are ranked as accurately as possible. With the rise of social media networks Google+, Facebook and Twitter, there are now new techniques we can use to help improve search engine rankings.

Mobile Optimisation

Are you missing out on mobile business?

Firstly, let’s start by asking the question: Do you know what your website monthly traffic is? Secondly, do you know what the most popular page on your website is? Thirdly, how many people access this via a mobile device? Now, have you looked at your website and that page only a mobile browser? If the […]

Charlie Sheen Twitter

Paid for Tweets

Should your brand be on Twitter or any other social media? This is question that we get asked all the time. Our response is always to consider the benefits of your brand having a Twitter or Facebook page. Do you have a lot to tweet or post about? Will your feed look sparse or are […]

Pay by results marketing

Recent coverage in Marketing week. This topic is gathering steam with Marketers right now and it is one we support. More clients are expressing an interest in seeing agencies share the risk of marketing spend in return for some of the generated profits. If you really believe what you do as an agency, you should […]


Why aren’t you joining in? Where’s your sense of patriotism? Everyone else seems to be singing it, have you not noticed? Well maybe this will get your attention. The World Cup is almost upon us. It’s estimated to be worth £1.25bn to retailers this year, and that’s just with England’s usual quarter final place. A […]

Make war, not love

March is a funny old month. Part of our Roman calendar, it was originally the first month of the year, and in sunny Mediterranean Rome it heralded the start of spring. This meant (among other things) that it was a very logical time to start the military campaign season for the year, which is why […]