Apply With LinkedIn

In July LinkedIn launched a new plugin called “Apply With LinkedIn” that allows users to apply for jobs using their LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn feel this could be the future of job applications as it makes applying for jobs on various websites faster, and also enhances the information a company will receive on the applicants. For […]

Mozilla Unveils BrowserID

Mozilla announced last night a new project aimed to steamling the sign-in process for websites. BrowserID centralises your login details and allows almost one-click sign-in to any websites supporting the service. “For a Web developer, creating a new application always involves an annoying hurdle: how do users sign in? An email address with a […]

Google Analytics Custom Events and Variables

Google Analytics Custom Events & Variables

Google Analytics has become a standard feature that all clients expect on their websites these days and something they no longer feel they need to request. Checking that GA has been added to a site has been part of our Go-Live procedure for some time now, which I’m sure is standard, or at least for all web developers who’ve had a client request a visitors report or access to the statistics only to realise it wasn’t added to the site. After those awkward conversations with clients or even accounts handlers it’s not an oversight you repeat.

Google Analytics provides great detail out of the box by simply pasting the provided code into your footer but they also offer the ability to…