Why is Lego so successful?

We all remember growing up with Lego bricks lying around, not to mention how painful it was to step on one of those little plastic bricks, but how has Lego been so successful? As the way that children are playing rapidly changes, the toy industry is beginning to see increasing competition and is now seeing […]

Hoax: Stupid people prefer Internet Explorer

Canada based, psychometric-assessment firm AptiQuant has released a report correlating the scores acheived in their online IQ test with the browser being used to take the test with.

With a sample group of 101,326 users, the report notes that IE users rank significantly lower than other browser users, Camino and IE with Chrome Frame users ranked a little higher on average, and there was no significant differance between other browser users.

Design, is it gender-orientated?

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Make Darwin proud of you

There’s a recession on. No, really, there is. So how come we have been bringing on board new clients (including Avis, Business Link, Mookie Toys and Trafficmaster) and have expanded our team too? Nobody likes too much trumpet blowing, especially when it’s your own, but that’s no mean feat we think you can agree. There […]