Apply With LinkedIn

In July LinkedIn launched a new plugin called “Apply With LinkedIn” that allows users to apply for jobs using their LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn feel this could be the future of job applications as it makes applying for jobs on various websites faster, and also enhances the information a company will receive on the applicants. For […]

New SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimisation is a constantly changing field. Google, arguably the world’s most popular search engine update their search algorithms as the internet develops, using the latest factors available to ensure search results are ranked as accurately as possible. With the rise of social media networks Google+, Facebook and Twitter, there are now new techniques we can use to help improve search engine rankings.

Pinterest logo

Pinterest; get on it!

Pinterest is the third biggest social website now, and for good reason – it’s great fun. Is it any good for your business? Well, people are trying to use it in creative ways, including some business users; CV’s? Running a country? How very modern. and any network with […]

What could I login to with your password?

How Secure is your password?

Almost every website you visit will prompt it’s users to sign up, register your details, or sign up for their newsletter. This isn’t a bad thing, on-line marketing is big business and every business with an on-line presence wants a part of that pie. As a side effect of this, the end user is being […]

Charlie Sheen Twitter

Paid for Tweets

Should your brand be on Twitter or any other social media? This is question that we get asked all the time. Our response is always to consider the benefits of your brand having a Twitter or Facebook page. Do you have a lot to tweet or post about? Will your feed look sparse or are […]

Flipboard iPad App

Flipboard – iPad App

Here is an iPad app that keeps all your social media in one very cool app, Twitter, Facebook, images, Tech info anything you want can be introduced in to Flipboard, formatted into a magazine style with page flicking to make ease of use. Enjoy.

Google jumps into social networking arena

Google have found yet another internet pie to stick its fingers into. This week they are launching Google Buzz, a social networking plugin for their Gmail email service. Buzz allows you to share your thoughts, links, photos and videos with your friends as well as allowing you to follow your friends and other Twitter feeds […]

Milton Bayer is now on Twitter!

Because we like to use as many technologies as we can get our hands on we recently signed up to Twitter under the username of “miltonbayer”. You might notice that on the right hand side of our blog our latest “tweets” are displayed, and if you have no idea what twitter is allow us to […]