The German version of Topps football has just been relaunched this afternoon: The site now includes a major reskin and a large number of extra functionality/pages/sections, some taken from the English site and others built completely from scratch. The new players/stickers and teams of the Bundesliga are all on the site and the […]

Sparky plays for the Vikings!

I’ve just stumbled across this old newspaper clipping of my sunday football team, which I cheekily photoshop’d in a Utd legend Mark Hughes. It went to print in the early edition of the Kettering Evening Telegraph but was pulled from the late edition due to a large number of calls to the paper asking where […]

The Milton Bayer Blog

We’ve launched the official Milton Bayer blog! What you are looking at now is our informal platform to communicate with potential and existing clients about what we are doing. Why have we done this? Our corporate, client facing site does a great job in advertising our services, accomplishments and client work but we wanted to […]

Milton Bayer is now on Twitter!

Because we like to use as many technologies as we can get our hands on we recently signed up to Twitter under the username of “miltonbayer”. You might notice that on the right hand side of our blog our latest “tweets” are displayed, and if you have no idea what twitter is allow us to […]

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