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4G or not 4G, that is the question?

How much do you love your mobile internet device? Does it do everything you need it to do and more? Do you need it to do more than what you thought it would be possible to do 5 years ago? Did you think 5 years ago that you would be able to sit using an ultra thin touch screen computer accessing the internet through the mobile network without a laptop and an antenna?

Well now the government is considering auctioning off 4G (4th Generation) mobile licences which will enable everyone with a 4G device to access internet speeds up to 100MB/ps whilst out and about (subject to coverage and all that).

4G will enable us to have face to face video calls anywhere, download our favourite videos and music in seconds and generally surf the internet at the touch of a button. But do we really need all of this? Will it make our lives richer if we have faster internet anytime, anywhere?

Well I would of course say yes as I love technology but having said that, I have only got 2G reception where I live, so 3G (the maximum speed we currently have) would need to come to us first.

The last time the government auctioned off the 3G licences, it made £32bn from the 4 main mobile networks. Are we ready for 4G when most people are only just getting their heads round 3G or are the government just looking for another quick buck?

Only time will tell and a lot of testing and money spent by the networks if the need is there, but one thing is for sure; the technology will continue to be developed so we will need network reliability to improve along with it.

Here at Milton Bayer we are consistently discussing what will be the next big thing and as each new product/technology becomes available, we will be finding out about it and how we can build or deliver on it but whilst we can’t promise we will deliver at 4G speeds, we will deliver a 5G service.


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