Everchanging Wallnado

We’re all still waiting for the future technology that “Tomorrow’s World” promised us in our youth. Where’s our hover packs and personal robot butlers?? But in the meantime as we wait for Judith Hann to make good on her promises, here’s an innovative bit of design that may fill the gap.

Its not quite the “LCD Paint” that we were assured in 1993 would ‘be on everyone’s wall by the end of the millennium’, but its still a cool idea. Each of the square “pixels” on this wall by Yanko Design is a triangle of 3 colours (white, black and a spot colour). By turning each you can create a new design any time you wish, or even write mildly offensive words… perhaps directed at TVs Howard Stableford for his ill-advised Tomorrow’s World claims that we’d be driving “thought controlled cars” by 2002.

Check out some more images of the Wallnado here


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